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!DOWNLOAD EPUB ⚖ Bent Over ♞ Preacher s kid Becca Naughton has done it now, she s been called down to the dean s office for yet another meeting about her lack of focus in class and her obsession with sex What everOf course, Dean Turner s solution seems interestingit involves a ruler, oral sex and a round of fucking she ll never forget Well, at least, not until her next appointment This was a short, but really naughty story Very short but a hot read. I found the novel remarkably boring I was expecting a heck of a lot. Straight to the rulers edge Miss Naughton wants sex and she doesnt really care where she gets it from so when her plans for getting some in town are posponed due to call to the Dean s office what better way to get herself ready for later, then by fantasizing about Dean Turner instead of listening to what he has to say Little does she know that the staff at F.U.C know just how to handle a troubled young woman such as Miss Naughton What a short steamy read Essentially literary porn. Flawless writing One, long, hot SEX scene It s no wonder this book made it into the top 20 overall in the Kindle store fans self