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. This is the first Sarah Joseph book I ve read The book started off well and it was good till the end It is beautifully written How a place that was looked upon badly, becomes a place of importance with the growth of the city and how the lives of the people change are all well written Liked it very much The Thrissur Slang is very lovable Dharmasankadangalum sandhosham ariyatha penn jeevithangalum iruttinte maravil rogathinte keezhil adimayayi jeevikkuna aanthunayum charithravum rashtreeyavum mathavum 150 thaalukalil aavishkkaricha sarah joseph Namikkunnu Its a book.portraying numerous female characters leading a different sort of life,from a poor downtrodden background.the protagonist is a young girl named Anne A self contained girl who is in deep love with a creeper growing in the coutyard,who observes everything happening in her household as well as her surroundings the book ends with her unexpected death.its a heartbreaking novel in malayalam hope all reads it Aani a sad memory.. superbly narrated the life of a village slum formed as a result of the conversion of a place to city Its become the dumping yard of all the city wastes The novel is narrated from the perspective of little girl, Annie.Great work of Sarah Joseph Highly recommended. a true classic worthy of malayalam.lovedit Thrissur slang is really lovable Anniyod enik Pranayam thoni kokanjira enna gramathodum.kokanjira enna gramam und enu Anne enu perulla aa cheriya kutti ipol valuthayi enu njan vishvasikate.alohayude pennmakal, anneyude kadhayanu Avalude kadha ennal, kokanjirayudem, avalde kudumbathinte kadha kude avunu.Chuttum sambhavikunath elam, kokanjirayude charithram ulpade elam anneyude kunji kannukalilude namal kanukayanu.. `DOWNLOAD EPUB ⇙ ആലാഹയുടെ പെണ്മക്കള്‍ | Aalahayude Penmakkal ↺ ,