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[[ Read Epub ]] ⚝ Diego Rivera: The Complete Murals æ Diego in detail The most comprehensive study of Rivera s work ever made A veritable folk hero in Latin America and Mexico s most important artist along with his wife, painter Frida Kahlo Diego Rivera led a passionate life devoted to art and communism After spending the s in Europe, where he surrounded himself with other artists and embraced the Cubist movement, he returned to Mexico and began to paint the large scale murals for which he is most famous In his murals, he addressed social and political issues relating to the working class, earning him prophetic status among the peasants of Mexico He was invited to create works abroad, most notably in the United States, where he stirred up controversy by depicting Lenin in his mural for the Rockefeller Center in New York City the mural was destroyed before it was finished Rivera s most remarkable work is hisDetroit Industry, a group offrescos at the Detroit Institute of Art in Michigan This was a fantastic collection of his work The book is huge and gorgeous as a coffee table book. Sebentar lagi memiliki buku ini Mungkin akan menjadi buku termahal yang pernah aku miliki Aku terpikat dengan karya karya mural Diego Rivera yang besar dan indah Terlebih dalam Taschen edisi ini Keindahannya bertambah memikat Mungkin sangat aneh jika aku memilih buku ini dari pada Bosch dan Bruegel yang sama sama mahalnya Mungkin, aku sudah memiliki buku keduanya walau bukan dari Taschen Aku ingin sesuatu yang baru Dan aku mendapatkannya dalam buku Diego Rivera yang ini. Diego Rivera emerged out of a generation of male painters who broke boundaries as they set their own Rivera was a master painter, activist and revolutionary who carried easels, brushes and guns with the same ease I have seen his murals in San Francisco and Mexico City and a few of his paintings Here is a book that has all his murals, which i will probably never get to see in my lifetime and wish to memorize before the blindness of time hits me.More later