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~FREE DOWNLOAD ⚔ Big, Easy Style: Creating Rooms You Love to Live In ♠ An enchanting space that s truly unique calls for a sense of humor, whimsy, and an open mind From a charmed New Orleans childhood to a successful acting career on Broadway and the award winning TV show Mad Men to the opening of his popular Big Easy home furnishings boutique, Hazelnut, Bryan Batt has always turned to home design as a creative outlet To him, the best rooms are unexpected yet refined and, above all, evoke emotion He doesn t think twice about hanging oversized decorations from a Mardi Gras float in an elegant dining room or bringing home vintage etchings of sconces when he was actually shopping for real ones He believes that a vibrant orange wall can be a neutral backdrop for an antique writing desk and earthy accessories, and that an artist s whimsical bird s nest sculpture hung in a lavender entryway couldn t serve as a better welcome into a cozy abode New Orleans has taught Bryan so much about how to pull together a space that s fearless and colorful with plenty of panache With the city as his muse its strong roots in history, its celebration of tradition, and, of course, the wild festivities of Mardi Gras he believes that designing a fabulous, livable home that truly reflects a dweller s passions need not be intimidating Big, Easy Style showcases rooms that make Bryan smile, with pages of rich photography featuring the work of many designers and plenty of Crescent City interiors framed by his own entertaining maxims on color, pattern, collecting, living areas, intimate spaces, and Explore rooms he s personally designed and others that inspire him from an old world kitchen imported straight from the heart of France to a luxurious Art Deco media room, these homes are enticing and unique, and through their surprising details, completely inviting Decorating your home to reflect your personality and taste takes practice and patience and can be a daunting undertaking, but Bryan proposes that we not worry about making mistakes, that any decision we make is better than no decision at all With Big, Easy Style, learn how to put aside your hesitation and surrender to the wild side of home design for a big statement that s easy to achieve You ll love his collection of photographs of beautiful New Orleans rooms layered with his design tips and anecdotes of his own design experiences Southern Living Big, Easy Style reads like a hard copy extension of Batt s personality elegant, gregarious, funny, showman like The rooms he s chosen to showcase are painstakingly designed, yet, in that enviable way, appear so easily tossed together Susan Langenhennig, The Times Picayune With great passion and a zest for creativity, Bryan Batt and Katy Danos offer thoughtful tips on color, collecting, patterns and much along the way Kerri McCaffety captures the beauty of each room in her inviting photographs I love Batt s unique whimsy style How many of us would think of placing giant decorations from a Mardi Gras float in a lavish dining room Or how about hanging an ornate crystal chandelier in the kitchen Or what about painting a Chippendale style chair mellow yellow But they all work Jeryl Brunner, Stylist If you ve missed Bryan Batt since he left the set of Mad Men inhe played Salvatore Romano , catch up with him in a decor ode to his hometown New Orleans In Big, Easy Style , we re treated to his vision of making rooms inviting, festive and ultimately setting the foundation for entertaining, which is what this get down town is all about San Francisco Chronicle The book is full of Batt s tips It s like spending an afternoon with someone who you d like to watch decorate a home Karen Dalton Beninato, Huffington Post Books Love the pictures and ideas but this guy loves himselfthan I love his book I had to stop reading the words and just enjoy the pictures because he was driving me up a wall with a whole book about himself when I wanted a book about style. Memoir mixed with interior decorating tips If I had to sum up New Orleans style It would be vivid color, an eclectic mix of old with new Don t be afraid of the bold Shiny floors, good antique carpets, lush bedrooms and work collections mindfully A nice book for a lazy read written by an enthusiastic author. Loved Great rooms, loved the style Wonderful photos and charming prose Somehow doesn t make you feel that a beautiful house is inaccessible even though of course all of the decor in the book cost Makes me wish I could go to New Orleans again just to shop at Hazelnut I love Bryan Batt I liked this book The pictures in this book were bold and beautiful I got a few ideas for my colorful, eclectic, vintage decorating style. Thoroughly enjoyed this ode to the Big Easy The style, the comments on entertainment and the infusion of personal stories were all up my alley Wish I could go to New Orleans and visit Hazelnut the store and see whether Bryan felt like inviting a kiwi to his next soiree ithink love creting room to live in Not my style Nice pictures, but definitely not my style Writer definitely focuses on himself I thought the title was misleading since the rooms wereformal and opulent than I expected I was expecting suggestions for achievingcasual and comfortable surroundings that I would truly love to live in.