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~Download Ebook ♊ Green Algae and Bubblegum Wars ♾ Science isn t exactly Maeve s favorite subject, but she s still excited to be going to the Sally Ride Science Festival at MIT with her hunky tutor, Matt Sure, the BSG and her annoyingly brilliant younger brother are going as well, but it s still almost kind of a date, isn t it The festival gives the BSG a super idea an environmental science fair at Abigail Adams Junior High But plans for a bubble gum factory nearby put Avery and Katani on opposite sides of an environmental issue and Avery finds herself in a bubble gum war with the Queens of Mean It s not the best but it s addictive. good this book is really good so far great book Pretty good Finished a LONG time ago. A good book for kids who enjoy science GREAT BOOK Cute, fluffy, informative, and very as Meave would say science y. One of my favorite BSG books Maeve s mom did the exact same thing my mom did when I was in 7th grade so that was very relatable.