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(Read Pdf) á Cuba Diaries ⚠ Isadora Tattlin was accustomed to relocating often for her husband s work But when he accepted a post in Cuba in the early 1990s, she resolved to keep a detailed diary of her time there, recording her daily experiences as a wife, mother, and foreigner in a land of contraband The result is a striking, rare glimpse into a tiny country of enormous splendor and squalor Though the Tattlins are provided with a well staffed Havana mansion, the store shelves are bare On the streets, beggars plead for soap, not coins A vet with few real medical supplies operates on a carved mahogany coffee table in a Louis XIV style drawing room The people adore festivity, but Christmas trees are banned And when Isadora hosts a dinner party whose guest list includes Fidel Castro himself, she observes the ultimate contradiction at the very heart of Cuba Vividly capturing Cuba s simultaneously appalling and enchanting essence, Cuba Diaries casts an irresistible spell and lifts the enigma of an island that is trapped in time, but not in spirit.