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|READ BOOK ♇ Esoterra - The Journal of Extreme Culture ⚖ ESOTERRA was an underground magazine focusing on extreme culture, published for almost a decade The zine featured interviews with musicians, writers, and artists beside articles on fortean subjects, bizarre phenomena, and the occult Some of the diverse personalities who appeared in the magazine include Marilyn Manson, HR Giger, Alan Moore, Adam Parfrey, Genesis P Orridge, David Tibet, Thomas Ligotti, Leilah Wendell, Stephen O Malley, Masami Akita, and dozens of other dark luminaries who, in many cases, were both the subject of an in depth interview and contributor to the magazine ESOTERRA the book collects these and the other best interviews, articles, and art from the magazine into a single high quality volume, including material from the unpublished final issue Chad Hensley s magical magazine, EsoTerra, brought together rock stars and demons and scary visionary thinkers It pulled no punches, presenting provocative glimpses into a new and improved consciousness EsoTerra was like the Bible of Extreme Culture George Petros, author of Art That Kills EsoTerra discovers that realm where pop culture collides with the occult Adam Parfrey, Feral House