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(Book) à Gunz & Karma: Romance In The Hood ⚪ Angelo Watkins, better known as Gunz grew up in the game When the game was passeddown to him, he changed the game and became one of the biggest kingpins on the east coast He takes pride in running a profitable and organized organization, but when people he thought were loyal to him, including his girl Charmaine Henderson, start to show their true colors he realizes he has to cut them loose, something that is easier said than doneCharmaine Henderson is Gunz s woman and cant wait to become Mrs Angelo Watkins The only thing standing in her way is the many secrets in her closet and the fact that it s been three years and Gunz still hasnt asked her to marry him When some of her secrets come creeping out, Gunz finds out and immediately ends their relationship, but Charmaine is determined to be a part of his life forever even if it means sleeping with the enemyKarma Edwards, cursed by her name, has gone through one thing after another but isdetermined to come out on top When she is left with no other way to make money, her best friend Shawn tells her she could introduce her to Gunz, since she worked under him as well Not knowing a thing about selling drugs, she is hesitant, but agrees to meet him When she meets Gunz, she is taken back about how much she is attracted to him especially since she just got out of a relationship and he was still in one When she loses someone very close to her, Gunz is there for her in every way imaginable making her fall for him evenLove is in the air between Gunz and Karma, but with all the drama Gunz is dealing with, can they still be together