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(((E-PUB))) ⇺ Andreya and Zacari: A Love Like No Other ⇺ They say the things that you accept can be the things that you regret This is an ugly truth for Andreya Hill Shes been in a relationship with Kyndall for the lastyears, and she s still trying to get him to love her the way she deservesKyndall loves Andreya with everything in him, so he says he just doesnt know how to show it He is a man who believes showing too much emotion makes you weak In spite of Andreya being his everything, he still hasn t learned her love languageLove is Andreyas best friend who tries to get her to see the signs when it comes to her failing relationship with Kyndall She just wants her to open her eyes and see hes no good for her No matter how many times he s done her, wrong Love has always been there to put Andreya back together Can she help Andreya open her eyes before she finds herself hurt beyond repair Kois initial meeting with Kyndall was unexpected and something that just happened Finding out he had a girl, she tried her best to stay away When one thing led to another between them, she had her heart set on making him hers Will she finally be able to get him all to herself or will she get hurt trying to come in between him and Andreya s love Come along this journey with Andreya as she goes through the ups and downs of a strained relationship with Kyndall and she tries to keep her life intact without feeling Foolish