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~Free E-pub ♲ Still In The Game : How Men Over 40 Get Results Dating Beautiful Women ♷ So, you reached forty Or maybe you haven t quite yet But you ll get there soon enough And when you do whether that s now or in a couple of years time you ll need to know precisely what you need to do to get results with the girls you want to date Perhaps you ve been married Maybe you re divorced, or a split looks imminent Maybe you have kidsMaybe the dating scene is a dim and distant memory to youOr perhaps you ve been playing the field for a while, but you d benefit from the experience and insights of a player in his forties who regularly dates beautiful girls all over the world After all, when you were at university it was all so easy you d simply have a few drinks, go to the bar and meet a girl These days there is Tinder and Bumble and Happn, not to mention all the social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Snap Everything seems so complicatedPlus as a guy in his forties you re still interested in the same kinds of girls you always were hot young things with a bit of sass and feistinessThat picture of Emily Ratakowski never fails to perk you upAnd you don t see things changing any time soon But where will you meet the kinds of girls you like And how will you make it so that you re attractive to them And how will you relate to them Most importantly, how will you get over the mental barriers that you will inevitably face as aguy out playing the field STILL IN THE GAME answers all these questions andUnderstand the challenges, issues and hidden traps that any player in his forties and beyond will face out in the field Read Troy s own personal story, revealing the secret truths about how he came to avoid the regular path of marriage and remain a player into his forties Learn exactly how you can break out of the matrix of conventional thinking to free yourself up for a life of sexual and romantic variety Go deep into the mindsets that you need to develop so that you are rock solid in your confidence about meeting girls Find out how to remain young without looking like a dick, and how best to relate to younger women Discover the precise structure of game that Troy uses right now as aman to meet beautiful women Consider relationships and the conflicts that they can bring, and how best you can negotiate these Take a no bull look at the downsides of the player lifestyle Eradicate your fears about the endgame Do I have to ask where all of this is going Will I still have to be hitting on girls when I m seventy Or can I find huge excitement, happiness and contentment through the player lifestyle Let s face it There s a ton of game advice out there but the vast majority of it is aimed at younger guys And as STILL IN THE GAME makes clear, the principles of attraction are the same whatever your age There are no silver bullets But the main thing that holds guys in their s back from success is not so much game techniques as much as the mindsets that they hold If you can just make a few subtle tweaks to your mindset then you will immediately start to make huge leaps forward in your dating life This book will teach you how