#Lire Book â Day Bang: How to Casually Pick up Girls During the Day ⚫ eBook or E-pub free

#Read Book õ Day Bang: How to Casually Pick up Girls During the Day ¿ Day Bang is a book that teaches you how to pick up women during the day, primarily in a coffee shop, clothing store, bookstore, grocery store, or subway or on the street It containsopeners,long dialogue examples with commentary, and dozens of additional lines that teach by example Day Bang includes The optimal day game mind set that leads to the most amount of success An easy mental trick to prevent your brain from going into a flight or fight response when it s time to approach a woman you re attracted to A detailed breakdown of how to use the elderly opener , an easy style of approach that reliably starts conversations with women Two ways to tell if a girl will be receptive to your approach How to avoid the dreaded interview vibe Ten common mistakes guys make that hurt their chances of getting numbers Day Bang shares tons of tips and real examples on having successful conversations It teaches you How to use my bait system to get the girl engaged and interested in you How to segue out of the initial opening topic into apersonal chat where you ll get to know the girl on a deeper level How to take the interesting things you ve done your accomplishments, hobbies, and experiences and morph them into bait hooks that get the girl intrigued enough to want to go out with you My Galnuc method to seamlessly get a girl s number An easy hack at the end of your interactions that will reduce the chance of a flake and prime the girl for going out with you Ways to open up a conversation with a girl who isn t giving you much to work with