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|Download Book ☦ The Hanging Tree (English Edition) ♵ Set in the mid s, The Hanging Tree is a bittersweet tale of the love between two slaves It weaves a story that evokes both happiness and sadness with threads of love, loss, superstition and threatIsaac and Oneesha live on a cotton plantation in Louisiana They are afforded greater liberty than many of their people, but their lives still fall under the constant shadow of their position as slaves, a shadow that contains much which is fearful and perilous Savouring fleeting rendezvous during the hours of darkness, they toil through the days and hope that their prayers for freedom will be answeredThe Hanging Tree is by one of the most prolific and diverse contemporary authors and displays the power of the written word to stir the soul It is sure to leave a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of readersThis novella is available in paperback and Kindle formatsEdwin Page is the author of the acclaimed historical novels Where Seagulls Fly and Song of the Sea, which are among the many fiction and non fiction titles he has had published